Le Picnic creates food inspired events centered around sharing and gathering with community; celebrating artistically presented seasonal, ethically and sustainably sourced ingredients… with a little global flare.


Chef and owner— ARIANE AUMONT

Ariane’s professional cooking experience spans fifteen years, inspired by extensive world travel, enriched with Cordon Bleu (San Francisco) culinary education, and nurtured by a rich family cooking history. An LA native, Ariane spent much of her childhood enraptured by all things food related. Ariane's fondest memories  were summers spent on her grandparent's farm in Corsica, relishing in the vibrant, rustic food her grandmother harvested and prepared. Equipped with passion, creativity, and culinary knowledge Ariane would go on to excel as a private chef in Europe and the USA, for various high profile clients, as well as taking a primary role in establishing many successful food industry businesses and ventures in California.