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Le Picnic caters to the Ojai Valley (our home sweet home) and beyond.

We provide a curated, less traditional, yet playful approach to the typical “catered” party, wedding or retreat. We invite you take a look at some of our sample menus, with that being said, Le Picnic’s lies in please contact us to discuss options.



We like to share our passion for food and community by creating unique pop-up dining opportunities. Le Picnic partners with restaurants, musicians, farmers, fruit growers, vegetable pickers, and YOU, to enjoy local produce and unique themes while gathering in beautiful settings. Le Picnic events are centered around sharing fresh and thoughtful food.

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Le Picnic offers cooking classes for groups that are tailored to the groups interests and needs.

For example...

“Spices & Herbs”

Le Picnic will demystify the world of dried spices and reveal the unique array and uses of local, seasonal fresh herbs (available from SB and Ojai from farmer’s markets). Attendees will experience a hands-on journey through the spices of the world, while gaining understanding of the importance of pairing fresh herbs.