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it began with a daydream…

Inspired by years of working as a private chef in London, South-West France, Los Angeles, and Ojai, Le Picnic was created as Chef Ariane’s way of bridging her love for artistically prepared food with her passion for entertaining. She imagined creating a catering company that takes guests on a journey through the globally inspired dishes she dreams up, and the sensory atmosphere she and her team provide.

Le Picnic offers Onsite and Drop-Off Catering, Private Classes, and Menu Consulting.

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eat. play. LOVE.

eat. play. LEARN.

eat. play. lOVE.

eat. play. learn.

eat. play. lOVE.

eat. play. learn.

eat. play. DREAM.



Menus and events are designed In collaboration with our client’s palate (and food reveries) as a primary focus. Le picnic’s custom menus are inspired by the vibrant local farmer’s markets and an exploratory process traversing our clients food memories, cravings, and dining nostalgia.

Articles published on Le Picnic have appeared in Vogue, Conde Nast Traveler, Santa Barbara Magazine, Goop, C Magazine, The Sentinel Santa Barbara, Gourmet Magazine Sweden, as well as The Huffington Post.