Creating food inspired events centered around sharing & gathering with community.



 Think boutique garden party, meets Mediterranean cocktail hour, meets playful yet elegant picnic!

Hire Le Picnic to help you create a happening in your space. From carefully crafted eats and cocktails, to collaboratively curated music, decor and good vibes. Le Picnic can offer you an all inclusive event that will leave your stomachs delectably full, thirsts uniquely quenched and spirits entertained.


With Ariane Aumont's backgrounds in exclusive private chef work as well as her passion for curated entertaining, a conscious approach to the integrity of ingredients and cooking, while recognizing the abundance of luxurious and enchanting entertaining locations in Santa Barbara and Ojai, it seemed obvious that creating a boutique “catering business” would be well received.


Le Picnics approach is to move away from catering the traditional sit down dinner that can feel stuffy and fussy. Finding also that buffet style events can mean compromising food integrity; Le Picnic focus' on the social aspect of entertaining, the amusement of considered apéro, as well as playful and leisurely ambience. We seek to create casual yet elegant food in settings that celebrate alfresco aperitif and picnicy occasions.


Le Picnic is also refining the creation of beautifully crafted picnic food products that can be enjoyed at destinations of people’s choosing. Stay tuned by signing up to the email list.


Menus and events are designed as a collaborative effort with our client’s interest as a primary focus, but we ask that you allow and trust us to create our menus based off of what is in season, at its prime and inspiring us. We strives to always use the finest ingredients; using all organic, seasonal, hand crafted and locally sourced products. Articles published on Le Picnic have appeared in Conde Nast Traveler, Santa Barbara Magazine, The Sentinel Santa Barbara, Gourmet Magazine Sweden, as well as featured in The Huffington Post. 



Ariane’s professional cooking experience spans thirteen years, inspired by extensive world travel, enriched with Cordon Bleu (San Francisco) culinary education, and nurtured by a rich family cooking history. An LA native, Ariane spent much of her childhood enraptured by all things food related. Ariane's fondest memories  were summers spent on her grandparent's farm in Corsica, relishing in the vibrant, rustic food her grandmother harvested and prepared. Equipped with passion, creativity, and culinary knowledge Ariane would go on to excel as a private chef in Europe and the USA, for various high profile clients, as well as taking a primary role in establishing many successful food industry businesses and ventures in California.  








At this time, Le Picnic is focusing on events held here in the Ojai valley.  If you are interested in a less traditional, more playful approach to a catered party, wedding, or retreat, please contact us to discuss options.



We like to share our passion for food and community by creating unique pop-up eating opportunities.  Le Picnic partners with restaurants, musicians, farmers, fruit growers, vegetable pickers, and you, to enjoy local produce and unique themes while gathering in beautiful settings.  Le Picnic events are centered around sharing fresh and thoughtful food.  

If you are interested in attending our Events, please sign up to the mailing list.



Le Picnic offers cooking classes for groups that are tailored to the groups interests and needs.

For example...

“Spices & Herbs”

Le Picnic will demystify the world of dried spices and reveal the unique array and uses of local, seasonal fresh herbs (available from SB and Ojai from farmer’s markets).  Attendees will experience a hands-on journey through the spices of the world, while gaining understanding of the importance of pairing fresh herbs.